You have considered getting rid of your junk car for a while now, its time to pull the trigger and get rid of it. We can offer you a free tow away and the peace of mind you got rid of your car in an environmentally friendly way.

We also do pay cash for certain cars that have value on the scrap car market. Scrap car prices are normally determined by the market price for metal. We know you may have called a few other scrap car removal companies, however there is only one A1 Casper.

We are trusted by thousands of folks to do the job right. In the scrap business you may be aware that people can take your car and not even scrap it, they may turn around and sell it for a profit. We do not do that, we ethically take your car apart & recycle anything we can. We make a very small profit on the transaction. We will always give you the best price for the car and give you a fair assessment of what the car is worth.

You may find people might pay you $10-20 more or less for a car from what we quote. The benefit to using us is that we are a fully insured company. You can trust there will be zero funny business & everything will be done according to the law, which might not be the case with someone just trying to get your car.

We have been in the business for over 30 years so you can trust we are a company that knows what it is doing, provides you with peace of mind because we are insured & we always adhere to the price we gave you on the phone.

Call now 778-345-6001 for a free scrap car tow away.


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